2 types of bugs enlisted 1. major bug: not able to shoot the gun 2.will be stucked in robbery and robbery wont work sometimes and the loot despawns very quickly

the other bugs could be not able to
buy the witch potion sometimes,
not able equip items
sometimes doesnt give the move drop otion
when we drop loot a defaul part comes out

Reproduction Steps

Please provide how to reproduce this bug.


Please specify which items are causing default parts to show on drops.

Do you have a Withcraft key to access the Witch?

What weapons are you having issues with specificly?


Without reproduction steps, F9 Console, and Specific details we may not be able to resolve the stated bug.

One of our engineers will respond shortly once you provide requested information.

to produce the first bug which is a major bug

  1. equip the gun
    2.unequip the gun
    shoot and reload 2 times
    and equip and unequip around 3-4 times
    then the individual wont be able to shoot and arrow will only be produced with no crosshair
  2. To produce the second bug which is not able equip any items
    i.) equip and unequip around 3-4 items
    ii.) after that there wont be any option available to either move ,drop, discard no matter how much times we click the items in the inventory
  3. The bank is glitched
    i.) when we open the locker in bank we are able to rob gold and cash but we get it more than the limit asked
    ii.) when we die instead of the objects or robbed stash to be dropped a basic default part which we find in roblox studio is dropped
  4. The glitch with locker
    i.) i suggest to fix this bug the best way could be to remove the press the green bar when it comes red shall be removed
  5. the problem with the too much time limit in prison camp
    i.) 8 minutes is alot buddy even wild west has only 300s being reduced with mining
  6. spawing problem
    i.) sometimes it spawns us to the wrong place or destination
  7. the problem with the weather
    i.) Man its just too dark even the player who come and i saw complain about the environment and many bugs occuring i think it should be taken action immediately before the damage is done.
    -kindly, yours average TWF player

one of the bugs can be seen in this image where the money is 2000$/800$ and having no health

Everything has been patched.