Website Security Breach 2/10/23

Unfortunately today at 9:00 AM PST, February 10th, 2023. RAMPAGE Engineers came across several of our sites PHP has been comprised of third-party attackers suspected to be from Russia based on Logs.

At the moment we are marking all our sites as unsafe. (Exception for, RAMPAGE Forum is hosted on an external server and database.)

Due to us not backing up some of our projects, we will be effective immediately shutting down;

Our engineers are working actively to secure the remaining of our sites and clean up malware. Our databases seem not compromised, however, will not be taking any chances. New credentials and keys will be issued for everything.

We are extremely sorry this has happened today as we try to pride ourselves on internet security. We plan to re-program our OAuth System, RAMPAGE ID, and a few other projects once we secure everything.

We are looking in RAMPAGE Cloud to possibly open again in the future.

List of secured domains;

Jake. G
Chief Executive Officer.

This topic was automatically opened after 14 minutes.

All sites have been secured, our engineers are now reprogramming RAMPAGE ID and its oAuth.

The new RAMPAGE ID Portal is online, managing previous and links is in the works.