The Western Frontier | 3/17/2023 Development Blog



Hello everyone, our development team is actively working on new features and we are now introducing our monthly roadmap between now to May!


By May 1st our goal is to introduce/update;

  • Completion of our Revamp Tasks (Card(s): Trello) which Include introduction of a Railroad System, Steam Board Robberies, Tim’s Estate, Town Revamps, Wildlife, and more.
  • Completion of our Programming Tasks (Card(s): Trello) which include chunk loading, horses overhaul, and more.
  • Completion of our PVP Upgrades (Card(s): Trello).

You can find additional goals within our card category task(s) and priority task(s) here: Trello.

Weapons balancing will be done in the near future.

How can I help?


Interested in joining our team? Message our management group on the forum. (@admins)

We are looking for UI Designers, Programmers, GFX Artists, VFX, SFX, etc.


We are currently not hiring any.

Official Links


Closing Notes

Please remember this is public early-access alpha testing. Expect bugs and issues to occur. Data wipes may occur unfortunately if notable bugs are found within our Items system. We will try our best to avoid wipes.

We are working to polish stuff up.

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