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Alright, The Western Frontier is now entering a publicly playable stage for free on Roblox. Community private servers will be eventually released in the near future with a new menu.

We expected everyone to have huge expectations for a new entry to Roblox’s catalog of Western games. RAMPAGE Interactive’s development team is working daily to bring the game up to your expectations.

While jumping into The Western Frontier expecting a completely finished AAA Roblox experience, you are going to be disappointed. The Western Frontier is early in development, some aspects of TWF is community-made.

While it is completely playable, there are lots of fun features you can do within The Western Frontier it will still be rough around the edges. Unfortunately if that’s something that you cannot handle with at the moment, We would recommend waiting until game is more polished and its further along in development.

As the game continues to improve with the support of our amazing community we think everyone will have a fun & enjoyable time.

We are actively adding new features and polishing daily. All content in the game is not final and subjected to change. We are actively changing around buildings, map, terrian, and more.

Sneak peaks

Some screenshots were taken in Roblox Studio, some sections may be displayed incorrectly/show hidden parts.

Caves subjected to change, incomplete.

Biome subjected to change, incomplete.

Biome subjected to change, incomplete.

Biome subjected to change, incomplete.


You can track our course of development on our Trello here: Trello.

Features disabled/in the works.

As we are still early in development we are still actively working on majority of the game features. Such features include:

  • Auction House
  • Player-to-Player trading
  • AI Cowboys. This feature has been disabled as @verbxtim works on performance upgrades.
  • Factions
  • Minimap Rendering. We are waiting till public beta to where we are majority of it is finished with the map. It takes a while to render.

Full list of possible features can be found here Trello, not ever feature will be added.

We will be working on this soon:

  • Weapon balancing
  • Additional food/drink options
  • Wildlife, some of our Wildlife is completed, however in-game its entirely disabled as @vq9o and @Oalppo work on performance upgrades, animating rest of the animals, and more.

Over the course of our development we will be actively adding new features, and enabling some along the road.

What have you done since last blog?


Some of our models are currently prototypes and are expected to change.


@Oallpo is currently working on our building system, The system is still very early in development, models will be changed in the future as they are currently prototypes.

Swamp Revamp

@vq9o and @verbxtim have entirely revamped our Swamp area to fit our theme.

Blackwater Revamp

Saloon Revamp

Mayors House

Will be completed in the near future with a interior.


In-game lore is still being actively written by @verbxtim and @Ant.

And a ton more in the background!

Biomes Development Stage

Majority of our biomes require attention by our developers to add additional terrain & detail of props, etc. We are actively working to complete them. Sections of the map are in-complete such as borders.

Intentional Item Duplication/Bug Abuses

Any intentional item duplication, bug abuses, etc. should be reported immediately to @vq9o. Abuse of bugs/glitches will result in a permeant ban.

Server Size

Server size limit is 69, it most likely will be lowered to 40.

How can I join you?


Interested in joining our team? Message our management group on the forum. (@admins)

We are looking for UI Designers, Programmers, GFX Artists, VFX, SFX, etc.


We are currently not hiring any.

Official Links


Closing Notes

Please remember this is public early-access alpha testing. Expect bugs and issues to occur. Data wipes may occur unfortunately if notable bugs are found within our Items system. We will try our best to avoid wipes.

We are working to polish stuff up.

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