Star Program Requirements


We are looking for Content Creators for a paid-partnership with our up-coming game The Western Frontier.


  • Cool flair on the forum.
  • Unique in-game creator code (of your channel name) for your fans to earn virtual items and/or currency.
  • Future additional partnership opportunities
  • Priority support
  • In-game ranks such as Twitch and YouTube.
  • and more.


We are primarily only looking for creators from YouTube, we will open our doors soon for streamers. Down to business, our requirements are;

  • 1,000 + Subscribers
  • Average 400+ views.
  • Good personality
  • Good values

Now how do I join?

You can email us at [email protected] One of our employees working for our Star Program or Star Program Manager @verbxtim will respond shortly within ~24-78 hour(s).


Feel free to reply below and we will answer them ASAP.

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