SQUADS: Tactical Combat


RAMPAGE Interactive is excited to unveil its latest gaming endeavor set to launch in the anticipated timeframe of August-September 2023. Over the past year, our dedicated team has been hard at work on our newest creation, Squads: Tactical Combat. While we continue to actively develop our ongoing project, BrickVerse, we are thrilled to bring this immersive experience to the Roblox Platform. As part of our commitment to keeping our community engaged, we will be actively providing gameplay leaks, offering a glimpse into the exciting world of Squads: Tactical Combat.

With a strong emphasis on realism and mil-sim gameplay, we are striving to create the most immersive experience possible within the constraints of Roblox’s R-15 design. Our custom rigs will enhance the authenticity of the game, ensuring players feel fully immersed in the action. Squads: Tactical Combat will feature a variety of engaging game modes, including an expansive open-world PvE (Player vs. AI) experience, along with thrilling PvP (Player vs. Player) modes such as battlefield operations, close-combat scenarios, and even future updates introducing air-combat and naval-combat. Tank combat and more exciting features are also in the pipeline.

Stay tuned for further updates as we make the final preparations for the release of Squads: Tactical Combat. We can’t wait to share this thrilling gaming experience with our dedicated community of players. Get ready to enlist and embark on epic battles in the world of Squads: Tactical Combat on the Roblox Platform.


  • Private Servers will be supported
  • Several gamemodes and maps


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