RAMPAGEGX v.3.6.1 Release

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RAMPAGE GX uses less processing capacity than other popular browsers and we have a built-in ad blocker to help protect you across the web. Our notable VPN will help reduce online tracking & privacy while browsing. Oh yeah, we're not an evil corporation. The point of RAMPAGEGX is to bring an alternative browser then something developed by a greedy corporation, and/or a corporation that sells your data. No data is logged and/or sent to RAMPAGE Servers.


  • More Debugs
  • The release of our own search engine & news feeds.
  • We are working im adding public-user-created plugins aswell.

Good News

This build we will release Linux & macOS later today when it finishes building! Windows is out.


May require a re-install of RAMPAGEGX in-order for these new features to show.

Where is plugins stored?

We support plugins written in Javascript, you can find your plugins at %appdata%/rampagegx-plugins/pluginname/data

You can locally add pugins there.

This update is not released yet.

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