Public Relations Response to Cisoh


Good Afternoon,

We were made aware of a video that claimed we plagiarized the intellectual property of another game. You can rest easy knowing that these allegations are wholly untrue and that management team is addressing the current problem.

The Wild West

We can tell you that our game in infact not a duplicate of “TWW” and we designed the game.

The video accuses us of stealing the concept of a progression update. Progression systems are quite common on the Roblox platform, such games include Northwind. Progression systems are a generic across many game genres on and off Roblox.

The character structure of the video is described as resembling that of the Wild West. RAMPAGE Interactive and Starboard Studios use the same charcacter package called “Robloxian 2.0” by Roblox.

You can check it out here; Robloxian 2.0 - Roblox

We went with the choice of Roblox 2.0 to fit a smaller character rig size instead of the larger classic Robloxian R15.

“Stolen Assets”

We have not stolen any sort of asset(s) from The Wild West, we been making every asset in-house.

BrickVerse Security Incident

BrickVerse is a legacy platform which has closed its doors a few years ago by RAMPAGE Interactive. One of cisohs key points is “No of RAMPAGE Officials responded” to Mr. Paul, which is in-fact false. One of our Junior Moderation Branch Members “Willow” has responded to Mr. Paul and forwarded this report to our Engineering Department. A member of our engineering branch @JoJoVid responded to Mr. Paul informing him of security vulnerability of the site caused the issue. Mr. Paul failed to properly report the issue through the proper channels and caused abuse of said bug.


Mr. Pauls emails publicly shared by him. His recover code is deleted.

Junior. Moderator Willow responding

Engineering branch response

Chief Operations Officer of BrickVerse letting Mr. Paul aware of security issue

Public transparency report posted after repairs.

Starboard Studios

We currently have no conflicts with Starboard Studios, and any other studios. We love them.

The Wild West vs The Western Frontier

Screenshot credit to cisoh on

Screenshot by RAMPAGE Interactive

You can notice the key difference between our building style. Yes we are somewhat both same lowpoly style, however you can see we focus more on additional detail then large chunks of a part with smooth plastic.


Screenshot credit to cisoh on

It’s quite common for YouTubers to get sponsors, and common for games to sponsor YouTubers, everyone knows the meme, THIS VIDEO IS SPONSORED BY RAID SHADOW LEGENDS! Queue ad intro., We are a small company attempting to compete with Starboard Studios, Westbound, and Northwind. We are going to have to work out partnership deals to help us get somewhere.


We are working to model our game similar to current theme of games like us on Roblox such as Northwind, The Wild West, Westbound, Westbound 2, and more.

Game is not final, and still subjected to change alot down the road.


In-game roles are quite generic, The Wild West by Starboard Studios did not invent Pirates, Outlaws, etc. We have created additional roles into our game such as Bounty Hunter, and more additional roles to come.



Development is a lot more than planning something out, or copying. We spend time collobating with our team on User-interface design, Programming, Quality Assurance testing to ensure absolutely zero bugs and more.


We acknowledge how serious these accusations are, but we want the people in our community to know that they are untrue. More will be made available by the management team.

We like to remind you that, While jumping into The Western Frontier expecting a completely finished AAA Roblox experience, you are going to be disappointed. The Western Frontier is early in development, some aspects of TWF is community-made.

While it is completely playable, there are lots of fun features you can do within The Western Frontier it will still be rough around the edges. Unfortunately if that’s something that you cannot handle with at the moment, We would recommend waiting until game is more polished and its further along in development.

As the game continues to improve with the support of our amazing community we think everyone will have a fun & enjoyable time.

We are actively adding new features and polishing daily. All content in the game is not final and subjected to change. We are actively changing around buildings, map, terrian, and more.

We hope everyone has a fun time playing our game, all we want is everyone to have a fun and enjoyable time.


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Public Relations team,
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