Large Suggestions for CITY-22

Add more City Sociostatuses like: (and make it so that sql+ could enable them)
Judgement Waiver
Autonomous Judgement

Decorate the city more to make it look more lively, possibly adding pick-able trash too for tokens.

A new role for Planetary commander in the group (Possibly a new morph too but with a different colour armband)
Would be able to distinguish SeCs with PaCs

New morphs for SPEAR and HELIX divisions
Would be nice if they would’ve got new morphs too!

New Morphs for Overwatch Transhuman Arms and Citizens/Rebels

Adding CWU factories and zombies to the infestation zone.
Would make it more interesting for CWU having factories and players having some sort of zombies in the game to kill.

Adding ration dispensers so people wouldn’t get rations out of nowhere.

And that’s pretty much it, I really hope that the developers would consider adding some of my suggestions I wrote here because It’d really boost up the game activity.

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