FiveMP Platform Service Agreement

This agreement (also stated as “Terms Of Service”, “Policies”, and “Regulations”) between the parties represented as RAMPAGE Interactive (hereafter “RAMPAGE” and “FiveMP”) and users (hereafter “Users”) of FiveMP services/products.

Online Services

  1. FiveMP makes a service platform available to Users, including game services listed in Addendum A.
  2. Users should obtain no financial remuneration from any derivative of, or third-party service, User Generated Content, or Game Server for FiveMP, the Game Services, or other
    entities stated in these Terms, except as expressly permitted by RAMPAGE Interactive. Entities with
    permission is included under Addendum B.
  3. RAMPAGE Interactive reserves the rights to, without any prior notice, terminate access to FiveMP and/or Game Services to any Users violating any points in these Terms, and/or disable any relevant Game Server and/or User Generated Content from being utilized/provided on FiveMP and/or the Game Services.
  4. Game Servers (listed on the Game Services, or otherwise utilized using FiveMP) may download
    content (hereafter “User Generated Content”) to, or run computer code on the Users’ device.
    The User Generated Content is copyrighted by their respective owner, and the provider of Game
    Servers asserts that they are authorized to transfer said content to the Users, and, allows
    FiveMP to distribute, adapt and/or modify the User Generated Content through automated
    systems, or other means. User Generated Content is not authored by FiveMP, and FiveMP
    has no obligation to provide or support the User Generated Content to Users.
  5. Game Servers may have additional policies & regulations upon joining. FiveMP will not enforce game server policies & regulations unless in violation of FiveMP Policies.

Third-Party Content

  1. FiveMP may allow use of content (hereafter “Mods”) meant for the Dependent Products that has
    not explicitly been developed for use with FiveMP and/or the Game Services.
  2. Mods may cease functioning at any time for reasons including Updates, changes in the Game
    Services, and/or other unforeseen changes by the Users, and/or authors of the Mods and/or
    Dependent Products.
  3. Some Mods may be convertible to User Generated Content by the Users. No guarantee is made
    that all Mods can be converted to User Generated Content. Note that Mods still adhere to
    Term 8 when converted to User Generated Content

Code Access

  1. The client/server applications for FiveMP (hereafter “Client”) may be provided in binary form or
    source code form.
  2. The binary form of the Client is allowed to be redistributed, decompiled, modified, adapted,
    and/or derived from except in ways these Terms, applicable local laws or documentation
    included with the Client denies/allows these rights, as long as any connectivity requirements to
    the Game Services and ownership checks for Dependent Products are retained.
  3. The source code form of the Client may have been provided under various licenses. An explicit
    file-by-file mapping may be included with the Client source code, detailing explicit licenses used
    by certain components.
  4. By default, the source code form components owned by FiveMP may be redistributed,
    modified, adapted and/or derived from, as long as: attribution to FiveMP is provided, a
    reference to the Terms is included with the source code, and any binary releases not expressly
    authorized by FiveMP include the source code form components in a way that can be
    reproduced by other Users, and these are not reused for purposes related to the Dependent
    Products, however unrelated to FiveMP – e.g. competing products.
  5. Optionally, it may be chosen to use certain source code form components under the GNU Lesser
    General Public License, version 2 or later. Any presence of this option shall be indicated in the
    source code form itself.
  6. Some parts of FiveMP may allow user contributions of computer code (hereafter
    “Contributions”). The authors of these contributions (hereafter “Contributors”) shall allow
    FiveMP, or any party designated by FiveMP, perpetually and irrevocably, without charge or remuneration, to use, redistribute, adapt, sublicense, modify or otherwise transfer the
  7. Any Contributions, in whole or partial, that are not owned by the Contributors shall be
    annotated with the source of the Contribution, and any and all restrictions applying to
    (re)distribution of the work.


  1. The Users shall not represent themselves, any entity they represent, or a product they provide
    as being endorsed by or affiliated with RAMPAGE Interactive (or related brands such as FiveMP), either in person, or on a uniquely-namespaced service, including but not limited to domain names
    (“fivemp.tld”, “rampage-interactive.tld”, “fivemp-plugins.tld”), social media (“”,”), or product branding (“FiveMP Admin Tool”, “FiveMP").
    Correct alternatives would be similar to “scripts-for-fivemp.tld”, “”, “Admin Tool for FiveMP” or “Installer for FiveServer”


Strictly prohibited from using RAMPAGE & FiveMP brand (or similar) without official permission from RAMPAGE C-Level Executives.

FiveMP Brand
FiveMP - Grand Theft Auto Modification
Grand Theft Auto Five MultiPlayer

RAMPAGE Interactive

Addendum A: Game Services

  • Server Listing
  • Service Updates
  • Service Authorization & Core
  • Service Client & Server binaries
  • Service Hosting

Addendum B: Authorized Game Server Provider(s)

Following is a list of authorized GSPs in our Game Server Provider Program. Usage of 3rd Party GSPs not within this list will be marked as Unauthorized GSP. Unauthorized GSP Internet Protocol Addresses (IPs) will be blocked from FiveMP game services listed in Addendum A. Expect is allowed if you have root access to the server such as a VPS.

Entity name: RAMPAGE Cloud
Entity domain(s):,
Entity purpose: Game server provider

Entity name: Vanex Networks, VaneX
Entity domain(s):
Entity purpose: Game server provider